Individuals and small entrepreneurs may access our FX Trader Cambio Services at any of our locations in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Customers may purchase foreign currency using cash, debit card or manager’s cheque.

Our FX Trader service facilitates the over the counter purchase and sale of (7) major foreign currencies:

In Jamaica  -  US Dollar, Canadian Dollar,  Pound Sterling,  Euro, and Caymanian Dollar
In Trinidad  - US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Pound Sterling,  Euro, Eastern Caribbean and Barbados Dollar

FX Trader is more than just a cambio. We offer value added services that meet and exceed the needs of our customers, including:

  • Negotiable rates
  • Funds reservation (Customers are able to order foreign currencies on the phone and have it kept in their name at a location closest to them for up to an hour)
  • Wire Transfers
  • Convenient locations and opening hours
Trinidad & Tobago