Race For Hope - Jamaica

FX Trader has been a sponsor of the Race For Hope since 2009. 

Race for Hope is a fun and healthy way for Jamaicans to contribute to the refurbishment of Jamaica’s icon for wildlife and education, health and nurturing of ourselves and our country, the Hope Zoo.

The Nature Preservation Foundation is currently undergoing a massive overhaul in the physical infrastructure and technological make up of the Zoo in order to make the environment friendlier for the animals and more comfortable for visitors to enjoy, learn and reap the benefits of life in the outdoors in the middle of Kingston Metropolitan.

The project is geared to the efficient use of energy, the environmentally safe disposal of waste, the ergonomic and safe interactivity of the visitors and the animals; whilst the animals are housed in habitats which replicate their very own in nature.

Race for Hope aims to facilitate the garnering of funds towards this end, whilst encouraging healthy living, environmental awareness towards our country, and  fuelling national pride; all while having a fun run.