FX Trader Helps Trasform Lives

IN the heart of Drews Land stands an agent of change. Transforming Lives, a non-profit organisation housed in the community is doing exactly as its name suggests with the help of foreign currency company FX Trader.

With a $250,000 injection from FX Trader, Transforming Lives has been arming the residents of the inner-city with tools to not only help them make a living, but provide an avenue for self-employment and upward mobility. The institution gives both vocational and life skills to some 100 persons annually, as young as 17-years-old. Most courses offered are Heart Trust/NTA certified and teach practical skills the students can apply to better their lives. Training is given in the areas of Garment Construction, Cosmetology, Information Technology, Soft Furnishing, and Multimedia Production.
Information Technology student Sandra Reid (right) demonstrates to FX Trader marketing manager Kerrian Johnson some of the computer skills she has learnt.

Kerrian Johnson, FX Trader's marketing manager, said her company became involved in the project to have a meaningful impact on lives.
"The age old adage of 'teaching a man to fish' applies to the work of Transforming Lives. It is heartening to know that our financial support is resulting in a better quality of life, not just for these students but for their families. We believe that this programme and others like it are the start of ending the cycle of poverty in Jamaica," she said.