Business Solutions: International Payments Services

In 2013, the Jamaica operations added FX Trader Business Solutions to its suite of foreign currency services.

FX Trader Business Solution is an international payment service that will allow commercial customers to make payments to their suppliers/beneficiaries in an efficient and effective manner.

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International Business Solutions
Empowering clients with effective and simple solutions!

We understand that when you work with international currencies, volatile currency fluctuations can raise your company’s expenses, diminish your profits, and make long-term planning virtually impossible.

So, whether you’re paying your vendors in Asia, China or Africa, the FX Trader Business Solutions team boasts dedicated international payments specialists to help you get the funds to your suppliers through services powered by Western Union Business Solutions.

Why choose FX Trader’s International payments service?

  • Quick and Simple international payments
  • Access to more than 135 currencies
  • Real-time foreign exchange rates – know ahead of time exactly how much money is reaching your beneficiaries
  • Benefits of FX Trader Business Solutions to the customer
  • Real time prices on global currencies
  • Same day, or the next business day movement of funds for the major markets/currencies
  • Electronic confirmation for the payment being made to both the sender and the receiver
  • Timely and relevant information on global FX trends and prices, which will allow customers to better plan and manage their cash flows.
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