Getting Started

What documents are needed to do business with FX Trader Business Solutions?
Here are the things you will need to provide before you start using FX Trader Business Solutions

Company's Corporate Profile:

  • TRN
  • TCC
  • Articles of Association
  • ID's for all Directors
  • ID's for all bearers acting on behalf of company
  • ID's for persons authorized to transact business on company's behalf
  • Certificate of Incorporation of business (private/public companies)
  • Certificate of Registration (sole trader/partnership)

Wire Transfer Essentials

Important information needed to process a wire transfer:

  • Beneficiary name
  • Beneficiary address
  • Account
  • Swift Code
  • ABA or Routing #
  • Intermediary bank name and code for wires going outside the United States

After these documents are provided, please speak with one of our experienced international payment specialists and they will arrange to have your payments sent to your suppliers.