Business Solutions - Frequenty Asked Questions

What is FX Trader Business Solutions?

FX Trader Business Solution is an international payment service that will allow commercial customers to make payments to their suppliers/beneficiaries in an efficient and effective manner globally.

Why should my company use FX Trader Business Solutions?

This service benefits businesses by offering real- time prices on global currencies, offering same- day, or the next business day movement of funds for the major markets/currencies and sends electronic confirmation for the payment being made to both the sender and the receiver.
By using the service, companies also gain access to timely and relevant information on global FX trends and prices, which will allow customers to better plan and manage their cash flows.  With solutions tailored for your business needs, international payments are simple and speedy.

How long does it take for my supplier to receive the funds?

The service takes approximately 1-3 days.  Customers will receive a confirmation email when their beneficiaries receive the payment.

How is FX Trader Business Solutions international payment service different from doing a wire transfer?

The difference with our service is that customers can now make payments in the currency of their supplier’s country and no longer pay a premium for currency conversions when payments are made in USD.

What is Western Union’s involvement?

The FX Trader Business Solution international payment service is powered by Western Union’s global payments platform.  Through this partnership, FX Trader is able to offer solutions to send quick and easy payments/transfers in over 135 currencies to vendors/suppliers worldwide.

How do we conduct a transaction through FX Trader Business Solutions?

Simply contact any of our international payment specialists by calling 1-888-FX TRADER or 1-888-398-7233 and providing them with the details of the transaction and they will conduct the transaction on your behalf.